2017 Fiat 124 Spider Prima Edizione Lusso: The Ultra-Rare 124 Launch Edition


2017 Fiat 124 Spider Prima Edizione Lusso: The Ultra-Rare 124 Launch Edition

Dec 3, 2015

It seems that every time a highly anticipated new model debuts, it hits the scene with an attendant launch edition with special trim, paint colors, and a heart-swelling numbered plaque. Like a solid slap on the back, these limited-edition launch cars reassure their owners that, someday, their prize may glint under the lights of a Barrett-Jackson or Mecum auction, the auctioneer barking the words “a launch edition, that’s right, folks, one of just . . . ” as the bids pour in. Snapping back to reality, the cars truly are just trim-and-badge jobs, future windfalls notwithstanding, and Fiat is applying the theme to the first 124 examples of the 2017 124 Spider.

Besides slathering the 124 Spider in perhaps its most interesting paint color, an exclusive Azzurro Italia blue—the regular choices are black, bronze, gray, darker gray, red, and two different whites—the special model also has quite the name: Prima Edizione Lusso. Take a gulp of red wine and say that five times fast, but with brio. Without an Italian accent, the name can be paraphrased as “Fiat 124 Spider first edition,” and the Lusso part references the car’s nicer, “luxury” trim level. Appropriately loaded, the Prima Edizione includes saddle-brown leather seats, the expected numbered plaque, and “limited edition items, including wearables and a poster.” No word on pricing, as the car won’t be available until next year, but may we suggest prospective buyers begin gathering vacuum-seal plastic bags for those limited-edition wearables? Don’t forget a giant bag for the car.

(source: caranddriver.com)

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