Chevrolet’s New Colorado Shoreline Variant Defies Geography


Chevrolet’s New Colorado Shoreline Variant Defies Geography

Apr 4, 2016

The state of Colorado has many attractions: the Rocky Mountains, wide-open spaces, legal marijuana. But a significant shoreline has never been one of them. There is, however, now a Chevrolet Colorado Shoreline, a new trim package for the brand’s popular mid-size truck.

Chevrolet’s New Colorado Shoreline Variant Defies Geography 1

The California coast may be some 700 miles from Colorado, but Chevrolet tries to close that distance with the Shoreline, which the company says takes as its inspiration the aftermarket trends in Los Angeles, which is far and away the largest market for mid-size pickups.

To that end, the Colorado Shoreline swaps in black exterior trim for chrome. The black trim and black 18-inch wheels contrast with the bright exterior colors—Red Hot, Laser Blue, Silver Ice Metallic, or Summit White—and the grille is body color.

The truck is based on the LT trim level and is available as an extended cab only. A spray-in bedliner, all-weather floor mats, and a year of XM satellite radio are included. Rear- or four-wheel drive are available.

The Shoreline may be a harmless bit of California dreamin’, but when we think about hitting the coast for a month of surfing, we think of something more like the sweet vintage C-10 pickup Chevy used as a photo prop:




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