Four From Which to Crank the Krokus: Ford Focus STs at SEMA 2015


Four From Which to Crank the Krokus: Ford Focus STs at SEMA 2015

Nov 7, 2015

Ah! Autumn is here and the glorious automotive bacchanal at the Las Vegas Convention Center is nearly upon us. With joy in our hearts, our minds on our cat-backs, and our cat-backs on our minds, we present to you four Ford Focus STs that stand to awe the slack-jawed throngs guaranteed to congregate. After a hard day of dodging their tote bags, we’ll hit Bourbon Street for the steak and lobster special. If they haven’t imploded Bourbon Street. Wait, have they imploded Bourbon Street? We just checked. It was demolished a decade ago, a year after the SVT Focus left production. We’d be lying if we said we missed the dump, but your heart might not go on if you don’t stop and have a gander at these four tuner hatches. Is Celine still doing her residence? We’re woefully behind on the business of Las Vegas. We are, however, up to date on the following four Foci.

Focus ST by CJ Pony Parts

Four From Which to Crank the Krokus: Ford Focus STs at SEMA 2015 1

The orangey wonder from CJ Pony Parts (pictured up top) features juicy bits from Cobb Tuning, including a cold-air intake, front-mount intercooler, full exhaust, and a custom tune to handle the ATP-upgraded turbo. It rides on Fifteen52 Tremac 19 x 8.5 wheels wrapped with Nitto NT01 235/35 rubber. Connecting the rolling stock to the House of Kolor Ultra Orange Pearl–painted body is an Air Lift fully adjustable suspension with Cobb anti-roll bars. Fourteen-inch front and 13-inch rear brakes from Wilwood haul the C-segment fireball down from terminal velocity. Diode Dynamics LED lights cut a swath through the night, while Street Scene rocker moldings and a custom front splitter by CJ Pony Parts round out the body mods.

Focus ST by Cobb Tuning

Four From Which to Crank the Krokus: Ford Focus STs at SEMA 2015 2

Cobb Tuning’s handiwork features prominently on the three cars that weren’t built by the Texas-based concern. So what would they do when left to their own devices? Why, they’d build a hot hatch for cyclists! Featuring their Accessport V3 ECU re-mapper/data logger and a turbo-back exhaust system, Cobb’s Focus also wears one of their front-mount intercoolers, a cold-air intake, and a turbo kit. They also ditched the sound symposer, presumably because the freshly pepped engine makes enough noise on its own. This ST rides on Rotiform 18 x 9.5 wheels shod with Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires. An Accuair TWR air-suspension system handles the bumps, while StopTech brakes manage the shedding of speed. The whole thing’s painted in a custom-mix Cobb Race Red from BASF.

Focus ST by FSWerks

Four From Which to Crank the Krokus: Ford Focus STs at SEMA 2015 3

Like the other three cars, FSWerks’ ST features Cobb’s Accessport V3 unit. Unlike the other cars, it is gold. Riding on H&R Special Springs coil-overs and halted by a StopTech big-brake kit with FSWerks stainless lines, this Focus sits on Rotiform monoblock LVS 19 x 8.5 wheels fitted with Continental ExtremeContact DW 235/35 tires. Under the hood, there’s a Cool-Flo intake, a three-inch stainless turbo-back exhaust, a front-mount intercooler, and an upgraded rear engine mount. Outside, skirts and a splitter provided by Triple R Composites zazz up the bodywork.

Focus ST by Rally Innovations


Rally Innovations’ Focus ST might mark the first time Ford has ever referenced Mobile Suit Gundam in a press release. Although for some reason, it’s easier for us to picture baddie Char Aznable driving this thing than it is hero Amuro Ray. Anyway, the thing features a GReddy intake, exhaust, and intercooler, as well as a Cobb tune. The stock suspension was done away with in favor of RS-R Sports coil-over suspension with Whiteline front and rear camber-adjustment bushing kits. The wheels are from Rays and measure 19 x 8.5, while the tires are 245/35 Nitto NT555s. For night stages and space battles, the Rally Innovations Focus wears Baja Designs LED off-road lighting. The RWB-esque fender flares are of Rally Innovations’ own design and were crafted of metal. Inside, a custom four-point cage keeps occupants from smooshdom, while Cusco/Bride racing seats hold them in place.

One question, though: Why’d they leave off an RX-78-2 competition-number decal? Gundam dorks will know why we’re asking. The rest of you, busy yourselves finding a smokin’ deal on a steak-and-lobster meal. It’s Vegas, after all. It’s true that Sin City is a place where mortals can live like lesser-known deities, but our expense account’s got a cap.



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