High Flyer: Fiat 500X Mobe Concept for SEMA


High Flyer: Fiat 500X Mobe Concept for SEMA

Nov 10, 2015

With so many of the mainstream sports and activities already taken up by automakers’ special editions, Fiat had to look a little further afield for this SEMA concept special. Kite-surfing, anyone? That’s the theme for the Fiat 500X Mobe.

Named after a kite-surfing move, “mobe” also is a type of pearl, thus the appropriateness of the concept’s Ivory Pearl paint color. The accent colors are Mopar blue and matte bronze. A splash of the same blue is found on the otherwise black-and-bronze 18-inch wheels and again inside on the seat inserts and kite-surfer logo.

High Flyer: Fiat 500X Mobe Concept for SEMA 1

A Mopar roof rack helps transport said kite—or other oversize, outdoorsy gear—and a cat-back exhaust imbues the 2.4-liter Tigershark four-cylinder with an unspecified number of additional ponies, to speed the trip to the beach. Once there, a cargo tray and floor mats prevent surfers from getting sand all over everything. And a first-aid kit is there to address their boo-boos.

Any of the above modifications might also be appropriate for activities other than kite-surfing, but that, too, is mobe. Urban Dictionary says the term “can mean everything or nothing at the same time.” Surely, then, the 500X Mobe is indeed that.

(source: caranddriver.com)

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