Honda Recalls 2016 CR-Vs Over Airbag Inflators


Honda Recalls 2016 CR-Vs Over Airbag Inflators

Nov 10, 2015

While the majority of vehicles recalled due to potentially injurious Takata airbag inflators are from the 2011 model year and earlier, GM recently recalled 395 vehicles due to a “suspect lot” of seat-mounted side airbags. And now Honda’s recalling a select group of 2016 CR-Vs over a potential issue with the driver’s front airbag inflator.

From the NHTSA recall report: “The current defect hypothesis is that airbag inflator contained in the driver front airbag module may have been improperly stamped and/or contains a defect in the material used to manufacture the airbag inflator’s metal housing, which, in the event of airbag deployment, may cause inflator components to separate.

“If the inflator components separate, metal fragments could pass through the airbag cushion material possibly causing injury or fatality to vehicle occupants.”

As of October 26, Honda had not received any warranty claims or injury allegations related to the recall. It covers a specific lot of Takata inflators, whose installation was limited to 515 CR-Vs. CR-V owners can enter their VIN here to check if their vehicle is affected.




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