Kim Kardashian :: Ferrari 458 Italia

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Kim Kardashian :: Ferrari 458 Italia

Jan 17, 2015

Kimberly did it again. Although known as big fan of custom cars, her new ride cannot be unnoticed. White Ferrari 458 fitted with 21″ and 22″ Agetro M140 rims, enticing glances of curious passers-by. Roaring sound of 4.5L V8 engine with “modest” outlook without any superfluous details are just how super car should look like along with superstar. Should we call this article “beauty and the beast”?

Main reason this outstanding supercar still looks stock might be Ferrari’s strict policy about customizing their products by happy owners (spoiled celebrities). Deadmau5 faced lawsuit for customizing his F458 into Purrari with silly cat theme. US based Ferrari’s agent kindly asked Deadmau5 to stop messing with their logo and return original paint.

F458 is equipped with more powerful engine than his predecessor F430 (4.5L vs 4.3L) which result in faster acceleration although F458 has few pounds more.

Italian stallion

No, I’m not referring to Rocky Balboa, but to Ferrari logo, prancing black stallion. Established as Scuderia Ferrari (Ferrari stables) by Enzo Ferrari in 1929, for promoting car races and building automobiles exclusively for race tracks, modern day Ferrari is subsidiary of much larger Italian car manufacturer, the FIAT. With more then a 2.500 employees and net worth over $2.5 billion, Ferrari is one of the largest sport car manufacturers. Although prancing stallion is a name with much respect in racing world (far long successful career among FORMULA 1 teams), street legal cars built by this company brings much needed exquisite status for their owners.

Interesting fact is that Ferrari inspired creation of four consecutive times winner of 24Hours of Le Mans endurance racing series, the FORD GT40. After Enzo Ferrari declined take-over offer proposed by Ford Motor Company, Henry Ford II ordered his racing division to build car capable of beating Ferrari at Le Mans which led to creation of the Ford GT40.


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