Nine Lives! BMW Planning Mega-Luxe 9-series


Nine Lives! BMW Planning Mega-Luxe 9-series

Mar 10, 2016

BMW is pondering a model line positioned above the 7-series, company sources confirm. The project is in its concept stage and the vehicle is far from being finalized, but the most likely body style is a low-slung four-door sedan with a sloping roofline (a “four-door coupe”). A large two-door coupe and a convertible pair is another, less likely possibility.

The vehicle will share its powertrain and major chassis components with the 7-series, and it is expected to have high structural carbon-fiber content. It will be offered with V-8 and V-12 engines and come with an impressive suite of assistance systems that include semi-autonomous driving functions.

BMW’s upper-luxury line-topper is the spiritual successor of the Concept CS (pictured at top). That coupelike upper-luxury sedan first debuted at the 2007 Shanghai auto show and was slated to be put into production. Three years later, it was shelved to free up resources for BMW’s electric and hybrid i sub-brand, and its project leader was retired.

The new model will likely be called the 9-series—or, if it emerges as a two-door project, BMW is expected to resurrect the 8-series moniker instead. We expect the new entry, priced well above the $100K mark, no sooner than 2020. BMW’s efforts mirror similar projects under consideration by Audi and Mercedes-Benz; Bentley is considering a four-door coupe, as well.



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