Tesla Adds More Affordable Model X 70D Variant


Tesla Adds More Affordable Model X 70D Variant

Dec 27, 2015

If the $132,000 ask for the Tesla Model X P90D Signature—or the $142,000 sticker for the Ludicrous-enabled Model X P90D Founder Edition—are too rich for you, despair not, trendy techie. Tesla is making its electric SUV available to a slightly wider swath of early adopters with the Model X 70D, which starts at a low, low $81,200 (with shipping). The news comes via Automotive News.

The 70D uses a 70-kWh battery pack in place of the more expensive models’ 90-kWh unit. As a result, range is down to 220 miles, while the factory-stated zero-to-60-mph time grows to 6.0 seconds—still respectable figures. All-wheel drive remains standard, as do those headline-making falcon-wing doors. The third row of seating, however, costs extra here. You’ll need to add $3000 for the six-seat configuration (a third row with a two-seat second row), $4000 for the seven-seat version (a third row plus a three-seat second row). The must-have Autopilot self-driving feature is available on the 70D, for $2500. Other major options include premium audio ($2500), a cold-weather package ($1000), and a towing package ($750).

While you can roll just like the Silicon Valley elite in your sub-$100k 70D, you will have to wait a little longer to do so. Deliveries of the 70D won’t begin until late next year, with Tesla expected to get the P90D models into owners’ hands earlier in 2016. As ever in the world of high technology, it costs to be first.

(source: caranddriver.com)



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