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10 Most Ugly Car Rims

Mar 16, 2018

category :: Rims

Average car can be nice looking with a decent set of alloy rims. Rims don’t necessarily have to be expensive. But what happens when a decent car has ugly rims? Here is my choice of ugliest rims I have ever seen.

Collected from various sources (blogs, forums, social networks…) these weird wheels represent more-less public opinion. It seems, people forget basics about alloy rims: oversized wheels will give you false speed readings on speedometer; too much covered area will prevent necessary airflow needed for cooling brakes/discs; too much opened area will give you less structural integrity… Anyway, those are designed to draw attention, not for safety. Let’s take a look…

#10 Ceiling Light

I am not a fan of oversized wheels at all but who wish to install ceiling light plate on car? This design belongs more to house interior then to a vehicle.

#9 Sunblind

Another house interior item, plus awful air flow. I guess brakes overheat too often.

#8 Pillars Of Wisdom

No comment…

#7 Grinder

In fact “STATUS GRINDER”. Designed by their house appliances division. Ugly almost as “VISION MORGANA”.

At least, brake callipers removal without dismounting wheel guaranteed. And one more…

Obsessive compulsive behavior manifested in search for a ridiculous design usually expose a bunch of safety issues. Here, the tire is mounted on backwards.

#6 Las Vegas

The turbo fan mimic sounds like a good idea until implemented. Changing colors won’t improve this weird outlook.

#4 Animal Planet

False, false, false. These thematic wheels just missed the point.

#3 Assassyn

Jalopnik blog says: “It’s a great name even if spelled wrong, since it certainly assassinates your car’s looks for good”. I can not agree more!

#2 Son, Go West!

Son, you won’t go too far with these!

#1 Ben’s chariot

This design first appeared on a movie “Ben Hur” back in 1959. in famous chariot race scene. Odd looking, funny, but most of all dangerous, for cars and human ankles.

Any coincidence with picture above is intentional.

Bottom Line

If you ever decide to pimp-your-ride in described manner, have in mind that your car will be more for show than for a highway. I already mentioned some safety issues, but there is bunch of them. Just to add: displaced center of mass, shock absorbers under more stress, too wide tire cause questionable traction etc.